Face Masks


Protective Face Masks

Because of the global shortage of protective masks, doctors, medical staff and many other people are in need right now. We wondered how we could use the resources we have to help during the current #COVID-19 pandemic and here we are!

Our masks are reusable – you can wash them and wear again. What is more, they are made of certified fabric which is also used in the production of other protective clothing.

Mask with your own print

The masks can match the image of your company. We can use the colors of your uniform or print your logo on them. We can also use other materials and produce different sizes. As a manufacturer we are able to adjust our offer to your needs.

We carry out wholesale orders too!

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What makes our

masks special?

Our certified fabrics
The masks we offer are made of a certified material which is usually used to manufacture other types of protective clothing. This kind of fabric has successfully passed a series of OEKO-TEX tests.
They are reusable
You can wash them. You can iron them. You can disinfect them at high temperatures. You can wear your mask again and again!
Protecting you and others
By wearing a mask you protect not only yourself, but – above all – other people you meet every day. Properly covered mouth and nose limit the spread of infections.